2015 IOM Racing – Adrian Harrison

After much anticipation the Isle of Man TT Races finally arrived for the first two weeks of June, bikes were prepped, rider was fit and bags & van were packed and ready to go, an excited Adrian Harrison set off for the ferry with a huge smile and hopes of his best TT yet.

This year Adrian kicked off his TT fortnight with a quick spin around the Billown Circuit in Castletown for the Pre TT Classic on the 250 Bob Jackson Suzuki where despite a minor issue with the gears he managed a tremendous 2nd place result however the celebrations could not go on too long as the very next day practice began for the TT, let the chaos begin……………………..

After the first practice on the Kawasaki 650 it was evident that there was an issue with the new engine, the process of removing the engine started as soon as Adrian was back in the paddock, new engine out old engine in for next practice.  Unfortunately even after some skilled fettling the new engine was not going to cut muster around the TT course, fingers crossed the old girl would hold out for the duration.

Next practice it was the turn of the Honda 600 to stretch her legs, off out Adrian went on a cold but sunny evening to get a feel of the updated Honda around the course, after a good few laps Adrian returner without incident.  The next few days were plagued with strong winds and heavy rain, all the riders were disappointed as practice was postponed but the extra hands came in welcome around the paddock to hold the awning/tents down in the Harrison camp, nothing too unusual in the IOM during TT.

Thankfully the weather improved and the sun finally graced us with its presence to get everyone qualified and ready to race.  Mondays race day finally arrived and Adrian’s first race was on the 600 in the Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 1, after starting in 55th position he worked his way through, picking up places each lap and finishing in 37th position, an improvement in both position and speed from the 2014 TT, picking up a bronze replica.

After a day of rest it was time to don the ol’ leathers again and get back up to the grid on Wednesday for the Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 2, it was another beautiful day when he set off from the line and after a great pit stop from his pit crew Adrian managed to match his previous finish with another 37th place and another bronze replica.

Friday and the Bennetts Light Weight TT Race were upon us before we knew it and it was back up to the starting grid with the Kawasaki 650, with the old engine in the bike Adrian was nervous that the machine would not finish the 3 lap race but it proved to be an old reliable and he impressed with a 16th place finish, improving on his 2014 times and picking up his third bronze replica that week.

So was that an end to the TT fortnight for an incredibly successful Adrian……..of course not!


The day after Adrian pack his bike in the van to make the short trip back to the Billown Circuit to participate in the 1 day Post TT Races on the Kawasaki 650 and the Honda 600.  The Honda was the first out on to track for an 8 lap race, Adrian was comfortably holding 7th place until lap 7 then all of a sudden he came through to take 3rd place in the final lap, an amazing podium result for the Yorkshire man.  After an hour of pictures and smiles it was time to take the Kawasaki up to the line to see if he could finish this amazing day with another good result, from the drop of the flag Adrian gave an impressive show settling in to 2nd place and holding it for the duration, another podium finish for our local fella.  With a grin so big it looked like it might split his face he gave his interview and took to the podium for pictures after one of the best racing days of his career so far.

Unfortunately after a racing incident, that was not his fault, at East Fortune the following week resulted in injury Adrian will not be fit to ride in the upcoming Southern 100 Diamond Jubilee Races in July but he will hopefully still be attending the event as chief tea maker so if you’re lucky enough to be over remember to pop in for a chat.



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