Hybrid car servicing at Town Garage

Hybrid car ownership has risen sharply in the last few years, and with that increase, the need for affordable servicing and maintenance has risen also While hybrid vehicles can be cheap to run, they can be costly to maintain. That's why at Town Garage we offer Interim, Full hybrid servicing at the same price as regular car servicing, with an interim service starting at £89.50 and full service at £179.50 on all hybrid makes and models.
We use the latest equipment too, allowing our expert technicians to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently.

So, whether you drive a Toyota, a BMW, a Honda, a Mercedes or any of the new Hybrid offerings, choose Town Garage for a High-quality hybrid servicing at up to 60% less than the main dealer, and your warranty will not be affected ( see block exemption rule below)

What's included as part of a hybrid car service?

Most of the mechanical aspects of car servicing remain the same for hybrid vehicles; however, there are a few additional checks that are required as part of comprehensive hybrid car servicing.

There are also additional safety precautions that must also be taken when working with high voltage systems that are found in hybrid vehicles. That's why our technicians are fully trained ensuring they can correctly and safely service hybrids to the same standards as a main dealer.

Included as standard for Hybrid servicing

  • Replace Engine Oil
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Check electrical systems
  • Check Cooling System and Top Up Antifreeze
  • Check and Top Up Braking Fluid
  • Check Brake Pads, Shoes, Discs and DrumsCheck
  • Headlights and Bulbs
  • Check Windscreen Wipers and Washer Fluid
  • Check Tyres for Wear and Adjust Pressure
  • Check MOT Status
  • Reset Vehicle Service Light
  • Stamp Report and Service Book

How Our Hybrid Servicing Prices Compare

A major service from Lexus Bradford on a 2014 Ct 200H Advance Hatchback 1.8 Cvt Petrol/Electric would cost £345 and only £199.50 from Town Garage, saving a sizeable £145.50 we use genuine Lexus parts and service your car to manufacturer schedules ensuring your warranty will not be affected.

What if my Hybrid car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty?

Due to the Block Exemption Regulation (actioned in 2003), vehicle owners are no longer required to have their Jeep serviced at a main dealership. This is provided that original parts or matching quality parts are used and recorded as per the manufacturer’s service schedule.
Our specialist mechanics use high-quality BOSCH parts to ensure your vehicle is serviced to the high industry standard without the high servicing prices which are typically associated with main dealerships.

Save on your next Jeep service – call Town Garage today and save up to 50% off main dealership prices.

If you require more details about a quote or you would like further information about the services we offer please call us on 0113 258 2756. Or if you prefer you can visit our premises which are located on Featherbank Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4NW.
*Comparison prices research provided by telephone enquiry to Lexus Bradford on 22nd Feb 2018 , E&OE